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We take the time to understand our clients marketing strategies, pain points and goals which increases ROI.

"How Much Does a Video Cost?"


Discovery Call - 60 Minute call discussing your brand's challenges, goals, target audience, budgets, and preliminary scope of work. 

Treatments - Depending on the scope of work and any ideas discussed, we will present a preliminary strategy, scripts, or treatments. 

After we receive feedback and approval, we will officially onboard you as a client. 10% of the estimated invoice becomes due before the next phase begins.


Strategy - We hold strategy meetings and finalize a plan and/or script. 

Budget Adjustment - We work well within budget, but the budget may need adjustment depending on any changes to the plan or script during development.

Strategy Approval - We present an official strategy plan, script, and/or budget. We then get your official approval to execute it.

After approval, depending on the scope of work, 50% of the budget is due before the next phase begins.


Creative Planning - The projects creative leaders will begin working on a storyboard, shot list, and copy for the project. This is a collaborative process with you. 

Logistics - We create and coordinate an execution plan and book the most talented crew, securing locations, permits, equipment, and talent. Seamlessly merging many departments into an effective unit.

After approval, the next phase begins.    


Filming - Average productions may range from 1-2 full 10 hour days of execution for a commercial spot, and we schedule down to the minute. We do our best to keep a non-stressful set environment to allow for maximum creativity while keeping things on schedule. Photography can be from 2-4 hours shoots on average. 


Editing - This is where it all comes together; Arranging, revising, and preparing audio and video into a final product that is suitable for the targeted audience, with proper sequencing to achieve a smooth, unbroken flow of the narrative. Photos will be edited to perfection

Color Grade -  Process of enhancing and stylizing the colors in the video. This is important in creating the "film look."  

Sound Design - Sound design is the process of creating a world of sounds and noises to complement and accent the video. This is something that is much too often overlooked. Good sound is just as important as good video. Some like BTS TV's Austin Winnie, will argue that good sound is more important than good visuals to keep a customer watching. 


1st Cut - We share a low quality watermarked version of the project to get client's feedback and for the client to request revisions of the voice overs, graphics, and sequencing of the video. 

  • Reshoots - Now that the client sees how everything is working together. The client has the option of doing a reshoot(s) to get a shot or shots that they now think is necessary. After all creativity is not a linear process. If a reshoot is selected, the invoice will have to be adjusted. The difference will be due before we can schedule another production. We advise the client carefully considers cost vs reward before approving a reshoot.  

Rough Cuts - We include 2 more rounds of revisions after the 1st cut.  

After we receive approval, the next phase begins.


Delivery We share the final media assets via a secure online folder. 

Marketing We will execute the game plan on getting the most out of your investment. We lay out specific strategies for marketing and action items to make sure your assets are seen and accomplish the goals we set out to accomplish. We also manage your social media and online ads.


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