9 ways social media can grow your brand


9 ways social media can grow your brand


“If I had more money, I could grow my business.” I know you’ve heard that before, perhaps you’re saying that right now. In today’s world, that’s not a good excuse anymore. We live in the digital age and business owners are given a lot more control when it comes to growing their brand…and it costs little to no money at all.

Here are 9 ways you can grow your brand using the power of social media.

#1 Branding Reputation

Product branding is essential to product sales. The better the brand reputation, the greater the chances are of increasing sales. Achieving an excellent brand reputation takes years of concerted effort, using every appropriate platform available. Sharing news, and views about products is an excellent way to inform your customers about who you are, what you do, what you sell, and the quality of your wares. In a highly competitive business environment, using multiple channels to spread the word about your brand may mean the difference between success or failure.

#2 Integrated Marketing

Social media platforms are among the essential channels that marketers need to use to reach their customers. Integration of these popular channels with more traditional media now plays a critical part of any well-considered advertising campaign. The more avenues that are used, the more likely an organization is to reach their target market. A greater number of users are now online, creating the ideal avenue to reach more customers, and to strengthen branding. Current technologies include personalized, and push marketing showing that social media is the best place to reach the most people quickly, and at a low cost.

#3 Customer Attraction and Retention

Developing brands through social media is vital in the process of not only attracting more customers to your brand, but also in retaining customers. Everyone has heard about the ‘hook’, which is a catch-phrase aimed at generating interest in a product, service, or just to continue reading an article. This ‘hook’ is designed to capture immediate attention, with the aim to persuade customers to want to find out more. Attract your customers first by using this method on social media. Get them to buy online, and then continue to provide value to your followers.

#4 Social Media Research

Extensive research continues to indicate that new millennials want rapid information about product availability. This research also shows that this upcoming market enjoys spending their money, and appreciates expensive brands. All of this points to the fact that new millennials offer excellent marketing opportunities for big, and small businesses alike. Big brands are fully aware of this fact. Many smaller brands have not yet caught on to social media as a prime advertising outlet, but will need to play catch-up quickly to take advantage of this fact to enhance their branding potential.

#5 Social Media Branding and Sales

In short, social media branding equates to reaching a large number of customers. No other platform compares with this technique, especially when it is aimed at the upwardly mobile new millennial market. Understanding what new generations want, and then giving it to them is key to promoting your brand, and increasing sales. Make no mistake though, sales and profits are not the ‘be all, and end all’ of social media marketing. Fail to follow up with superior customer service, and social media could become a brands worst nightmare. Know your customer. Know what personalized, and push marketing options are available, and then use social media platforms to advertise your product.

#6 Generate Brand Interest

Quite simply, there are just too many brands on social media to mention. But, if you have done a search for Gucci perfumes, Nike sportswear or just needed a lift, and noticed an Uber advert on Facebook, then you have a small taste of which big brand names are social media savvy. Adverts that you see will depend on where you live, and what you have clicked on, or which group you have joined on a social media platform. Robots pick up on these clicks, and then send you more of the same type of product or service. Brands design their ads to generate interest, through hooks, sales or promo offers, or a new service. Providing real value for consumers is a big must to entice more customers to buy your product. Social media allows you to put a valuable ad tailor made for a specific demographic

#7 What Platforms do Big Brands Use

Big brands from Dove, L'Oreal, General Electric, to BMW all use Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Vine, and many others. They know that interest levels soar when their ads hit the right spot on these platforms. Big Brands also understand that using these platforms increases traffic to their websites, which is a great hook. This is one step closer to where the Brand wants you, as their customer, to be. From there, interest levels rise or wane, but they have gotten a potential customer closer to being a purchaser. The next step is to encourage a greater number of fans, and to make more purchases.

#8 More Traffic, More Sales

This may sound like a broad claim to make, but it is true. Use of Facebook or Instagram as social media advertising destinations not only make for increased brand awareness, they also lead to an increase in sales. More profits result, which is the end game.

#9 Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms have grown increasingly popular over the past decade as marketers, and advertisers have caught on to the gold mine offered by Facebook and Instagram opportunities. Social media advertising increases brand awareness. These platforms can improve brand reputation, which also depends on how well advertising campaigns, and communications are created. Greater interest from your target market typically translates into more website traffic. From there it is up to the company to ensure that their website is Google friendly, and has all the bells, and whistles to track traffic statistics for follow-up plans. Ensure your website hook aligns with your campaign messages and your content is up to par.