How we turn Strangers in to loyal Customers




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Today, I'm going to show you how to turn complete strangers into loyal paying customers in five core steps.

We're back guys. My name is Frankie here from BTS TV media. And we're going to be talking about the sales funnel aka the buyers Journey. We have content, lead magnet, tripwire, Core offer and the upsell. So for example for Content, let's talk about somebody's trying to lose  weight or get in shape.

The first thing they can do typically is   Google search it everybody does it. So the first thing they're  going to  do is read a blog post probably that's going to teach them how to get in shape..   And also there's video so maybe they're trying to watch exactly.

What are those things of how to get in shape, but they're more visual person. They would refer to a video. So the reason contents part of the funnel is because it's low commitment and it generates trust really easy so we know they're trying to get in shape. But all of a sudden pop-up comes up.  Hey free webinar on you know how to meal plan.

Now. This person is already got trust from the blog post for the video. They just watch on how to meal prep. So they would be more likely to watch this webinar. And in order for them to watch webinar it have to make a little commitment with an email address or a phone number. That would be the lead magnet would be the webinar a free pdf something that's a related to the piece of content.

They just consumed to provide that much more value, but it's a very low commitment. So at this webinar, they're going to give you so much value teaching every little detail of steps on how to get a six pack. But just enough to where they don't provide you the tools necessary to get there and the tools would be lets say they offer.

30 personal training sessions for 10 bucks. That would be an irresistible offer aka the trip wire. So after consuming this trip wire of the 30 personal training sessions for $10. It was so good that you got hooked they give you just a little bit of cocaine now you're hooked for life you want more so that's where it segues into your core offer and they're just going to offer you all their services personal training.

Meal prepping strength training weight loss whatever personal trainers will offer you they're going to throw everything they can actually so now look at where we're at in the buyers journey, and if you're trying to make your own sales funnel, you got to over deliver it every step to keep them wanting more and that's where we get into the upsell.

Whoa, you want to provide me with some some deals on some shakes and you know, maybe some shakers and some Gym gear. That would be the. So look how we went from just reading a blog post to now I'm buying this person's a tire. I'm drinking the shakes consuming all their content often just a block.

So after consuming all that content now, I love it so much because I'm such a big fan that I have to tell my friends about it. And usually that's where they put a referral program in place and now I'm referring people so I can get credit and now I'm a brand ambassador. Look I know this could sound a little bit complex, you know, there's a lot of steps going on here.

But there's a book that really simplifies. It's Secrets by Russell Brunson. We're going to leave a link in the description below go ahead and check it out. But you're probably wondering what about those people that fell off what if they read the blog post and then they stopped reading what if they did read the blog post and they did attend the webinar.

You know, how do you keep pushing them through to the next step? And all that will be glued together by advertising retargeting, but don't worry because we're going to be talking about advertising even content and trip wires and all that stuff in future episodes. So stay tuned follow us on social media Facebook YouTube Instagram, all that good stuff, and we will see you.

My name is Frank. Thanks for watching.