Always Always follow up. Always double check. Always try your hardest. Always ask questions. Always be respectful.

Brevity When busy, be brief. Say only what’s needed. (Especially on radio)

Copy That Saying “copy” while on a walkie talkie is the best way to confirm you’ve received and understand a message.

Driving When driving other crew and/or equipment, be gentle and aware of all laws.

Electricity Before you plug anything into an outlet, ask an electrician if it’s OK. Assuming outlets are free to use is how breakers get tripped. Tripping breakers makes the whole production look like a bunch of amateurs. 

Food While waiting in line for lunch, let the talent get their food first, unless told otherwise. When making a trip to craft services, offer to bring stuff back for other crew.

Gear Unless it’s your department’s gear or you've been tasked you to help, do not under any circumstance touch it, Seriously! Do not touch any equipment you have not been explicitly told to. 

Points! Yell this whenever carrying something around corners or through doorways. 

Introductions On your first day of a shoot, take the time to introduce yourself to everyone you can. Networking is a huge part of this business and we want to encourage making new connections. 

Keep Yourself Busy Standing or sitting around will make you look useless, confused, lost, and also lazy. There’s always something to be done. if there truly is nothing, at least make it look like you're doing something. 

Mistakes When you mess up, be responsible, tell your direct supervisor immediately. We might be frustrated with you, but we will respect your honesty and be forgiving. If we find out ourselves, however, we will not be very forgiving. 

Phones Silence them! If it rings or vibrates resulting in interrupting the production you may be asked to leave set. Production is very expensive and meticulously scheduled down to the minute. 

Quiet on set! When blocking we require a quite set so the people who are working may concentrate on the task at hand. If you want to talk go to crafty. When rolling if we hear you talking and it becomes a problem we will ask you to leave. 

Radios Only use for work related communications.

Safety Films, movies, and videos are never more important than your life. If you ever feel unsafe, alert somebody immediately and don’t be afraid to stand firm on the issue.

Video Village The harsh truth is that, besides your curiosity to watch the take, you probably don’t need to be there, unless you're a department head — so, please don’t be.

Water Bottles Initials your bottle with a sharpie on the cap. And never grab more until you finished your last one.

Uniform BTS TV does not require you to wear a uniform, but avoid wearing certain colors like white, yellow, and light grays that can unintentionally bounce light and unwanted colors into a scene. All black is highly preferred, the camera department will silently thank you.

Check your Ego at the door. We do not tolerate the "my IDMb page makes me better than you" mentality. Treat all cast and crew with equal and utmost respect, no exceptions.