McAndy Tony Duclos

Founder / Creative Director

McAndy "Tony" Duclos is a Director, Producer, and Editor. Tony has had a passion for film since the age of 12. In 2012, Tony founded the company. Tony has a business degree, been featured in local magazines, worked on local TV, and produced, Directed, and an Editor for a majority of BTS TV's media content.

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Austin Winnie

Director of Operations

Austin Winnie is BTS TV Media's Director of Operations. Austin joined BTS TV in 2013 as an audio engineer and quickly climbed up the ranks to financial manager by 2014 and Director of Operations by 2015. Before joining BTS TV Media, he recorded bands in the studio. Since 2015, Austin has driven growth, by cultivating and strengthening beneficial relationships, collaborating with agency managers and clients to create and develop digital content.

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Frank Soucie

Head of Strategy

Frank, a military veteran,  is passionate about helping brands reach their audience through brand strategy and digital marketing. Frank has managed marketing campaigns for brands throughout San Diego. Frank is certified in Customer Acquisition and Optimization by Digital Marketer.

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Sean Brandt

Sr. Content Producer

Sean is the Sr. Content Producer for BTS TV Media and been with the agency for 2 years. Sean received a film degree from SDSU and won several awards through his independent projects and had a film featured at Cannes International Film Festival.

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Glenn Gasmin

Content Producer

Glenn is a Content Producer at BTS TV Media. Glenn has a vast array of skills includes writing and Editing. Glenn is excited to bring his wide ranging talents to BTS TV Media.


David Bazabal


David has 10+ years experience in the photography and been with BTS TV Media for over 2 years. David is also a skilled cinematographer and gaffer.  



Ben Meldrum

Art Director & Design

Ben's background in visual arts stemmed from his experience with photography and videography in which eventually led to design and art direction in college. Ben studied at the University of Missouri and was the Art Designer for campaigns for Bengay, Youtheory Social, Ommision Finish Line, and more. 

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Mike Smith

3D Animator

Mike Smith, an award winning animator, received his degree from Platt College San Diego and has worked in the VFX industry for 10 years as a 3D modeler and animator. He specializes in character animation, product visualization, and motion graphics.

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Ashley Boren

Content Producer (Intern)

Ashley is a content producer intern at BTS TV Media. She is a third-year communication major at UC Santa Barbara working toward a future career in television and entertainment. Ashley films, edits and produces for BTS during the summer.

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